“Unbalanced” by Ramon Bruin© 60x50cm Artprint on Acrylic Glass


  • Brilliant and color-intensive print on acrylic glass
  • All our prints are made by order and are ready to hang – all that’s needed are simply screws or nails
  • The print is done on 5 mm thick acrylic glass
  • Quality MADE IN GERMANY – our art prints are made exclusively in Germany

Advantages of acrylic glass:

  • Stable and flexible: unlike glass, acrylic glass is very flexible but remains dimensionally stable and is also up to 50% lighter
  • High light transmittance: this gives acrylic glass images a glossy appearance and makes the colors look more vibrant and intense
  • Shatter-proof: compared to glass, it is extremely shatter- and shockproof
  • Smooth surface: the surface is mirror-smooth and scratch-resistant

Delivery time: Manufacturing Time: 7-10 Days + 3-10 Days Shipping Time depending on destination of delivery. Plese check the delivery time for Your country on our FAQ site

Ramon was never a huge fan of Still Life Paintings, so he came up with the idea to make them more crazy, colorful and fun. He tried out different compositions, went wild with many different layers and lots of paint.

By adding objects which You normally wouldn’t find in Still Life Paintings he also involved a story in some of them.


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